Frequently Asked Questions

What quantity of collagen should i take per day?

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t need a huge dose of collagen each day to reap the benefits for skin health and anti-aging.
While the body naturally produces collagen, levels naturally start to decline by around age 30, so taking exogenous collagen may help combat this loss and smooth your skin.
One study found that dosages as low as 2.5 to 5 grams per day for 4 weeks were successful in increasing skin elasticity in elderly women.
Another study concluded that 10 grams of collagen peptides taken as part of a fruit-based beverage were significantly more successful in decreasing the depth of existing skin wrinkles in middle-aged women compared to placebo after only 9 weeks.

Are there any side effects taking collagen every day as a food supplement?

Collagen is a safe and natural ingredient available in different grades. It can be found in foods, such as bone broth or gelatin-based desserts.
Collagen is generally considered to be a safe and nontoxic daily supplement for healthy individuals, and most people won’t experience adverse side effects.

What is the origin of collagen? Is it chemical? Natural? Does it contain impurities?

The exploitation of marine by-products as a new source of collagen has attracted increasing
attention due to their easy extraction, high collagen content, absorption by the human body
considering its low molecular weight, biocompatibility, freedom from the risks of animal diseases and pathogens, environmental friendliness, negligible content in biological contaminants and toxins, less significant religious and ethical constraints, and minor regulatory and quality control problems.
Fish collagen is extracted from skins of different fish, such as small-spotted catshark rabbitfish, lantern shark, catshark, cuckoo ray, common Atlantic grenadier, cod and the scales and fins of Catla catla and Cirrhinus mrigala.

How long should I wait to feel and see the first benefits on my skin, mail, hair and joints?

There are some things you can expect to see rather quickly—we’ll explain soon—but for the full benefits, be sure to give your supplements enough time before you make the final call on their efficacy.
Here’s what the most current and best research suggests for results:
-Skin support benefits: 4 to 12 weeks (1 to 3 months)
-Muscle mass and strength (combined with resistance training): 3 months
-Less soreness after physical training: within a few days
-Joint health support: 4 to 6 months
-Tendon support (combined with strengthening exercise): 3 to 6 months
-Bone-density support: 12 months
-Hair: 2 to 3 months
-Nails: 24 weeks

Is it normal to see a little powder deposit at the bottom of the glass when VitaColla + is mixed is water?

To make the best out of your VitaColla +, dilute 1 stick per day, in a large glass of water (200 ml) and to mix until complete dissolution of the powder. A slight depot of powder can be seen at the bottom of the glass, since VitaColla + is a rich and complex formula. To benefit from the full effect of the product, rinse the glass and drink the rinse to get your full dose.

How many sticks or scoop of VitaColla + per day?

Since most of the clinical trials with collagen have been made with 5 to 10 grams a day, we recommend to take 1 stick or 1 half scoop per day.

Why so many active nutrients in the formula of VitaColla +? Are all of them useful?

Vitatek is managed by, among others, a doctor in pharmaceutical sciences and world expert in collagen. Our product is 100% manufactured in France by the leader in collagen production operating with the highest standards of quality. With VitaColla +, we developed a very unique formula containing 15 of the most active nutrients with clinically and/or scientifically demonstrated efficacy on skin, nails, hair, bones and joints.

Where does the collagen in VitaColla + come from?

Our collagen in VitaColla + is the globally leading collagen peptide brand under one of the world leaders in Health and Nutrition segment.

The collagen of VitaColla + is type 1 collagen peptides the same type as found in our bones and skin. It is made of highly bioavailable marine collagen peptides, with clinical efficacy study on improving the density and quality of the collagen network.

Our collagen is a high-purity, natural product, containing more than 97% protein (on a dry weight basis). They are bioactive collagen peptides, their hydrolyzed form makes them easily digestible by humans.